who are we

DRONE SOLUTIONS is a Saudi Arabian brand of leading UAV solutions and services, one of the first companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in its various fields. We have been able to provide our clients with all the services related to this field, in addition to that we strive to be the experience of dealing with us and our services an ideal experience distinctive for all our customers, we always strive to form partnerships and long-term relationships, where we provide them with services T ensure that meet their aspirations.

Our team of technology programmers, solutions and operators of modern and innovative aircraft to participate in many events, which contribute a lot with various government and private bodies task of inspection of all industrial and agricultural facilities, and we were able to provide distinctive services in the field of entertainment, aerial survey, whatever the service You want to get it through us, make sure you get what you want and more when dealing with us, and will ensure a reliable and safe service with our company that provides effective solutions and excellent services in the field of drones, which harness all its efforts to make the UAV industry serve man and mankind All of them are further utilized to the maximum extent possible.


DRONE SOLUTIONS aspires to be the first choice globally and locally in all UAV solutions, and therefore we develop a range of distinctive programs, and we are engaged in the work of an outstanding team and extensive experience in this area spanning many years, our team is trained to deal with all circumstances Drone cases, they are professionals in the field of drones, trained in security and safety procedures, and we strive to achieve this vision by making all our efforts in providing our services professionally and uniquely unparalleled in Saudi Arabia, and helps us achieve our vision and ambition of the confidence of existing customers , And Tireless to earn the trust of new customers as well.

Success in the field of drones needs a great effort, it is a new field on the Saudi market and needs a great experience and high professionalism and a strong and clear understanding of everything regarding the solutions of drones and on the basis of those goals we walk in the company DRONE SOLUTIONS did not hesitate at all in the implementation, and we did not spare No effort no matter what. Our goals are no alternative but to achieve them in full, thanks to the entire team of staff who harness all his expertise and professionalism in achieving the objectives of the company, we all work to implement our goals, which are as follows:
هدف We aim to be the first company in Saudi Arabia to provide all UAV solutions with vast experience and professionalism.
⮚ We seek to extend the success of DRONE SOLUTIONS and lead us in the field of drones worldwide.
⮚ We are working to provide social solutions and initiatives suitable for all groups, to be one of the most important companies offering competitive services at competitive prices in this area.
⮚ We look forward to be the first destination and the first choice for customers in Saudi Arabia, and participate in all events held.
⮚ Providing our services for everything related to drones with international standards and specifications that help us to ensure the professionalism of our services and the full satisfaction of our customers.
⮚ We seek to carry out distinctive development campaigns on all employees of the company in terms of training on our aircraft, in order to keep abreast of modern times and development.

Our mission at DRONE SOLUTIONS is to spread the culture and concept of drones, it has become one of the most important modern technology that should be utilized as much as possible, so we are working to provide a unique and unparalleled service in Saudi Arabia, to be the best choice for all our customers We are not only satisfied with our professionalism and experience in providing our services to customers, but we are continuously developing our services, we are keen to ensure that all services keep pace with modern technological development and in line with international standards and standards, and strive to build several axes in the field of birds N unmanned, so as to ensure excellence of our services in this area.

Promoting values and ensuring that the principle is a key means in the success of companies, and therefore, we have been keen at the company DRONE SOLUTIONS to have a set of values, which work to enhance our success, and also work to increase the confidence of our existing customers and gain new customers and earn their trust to the fullest extent. For our success, we insist on these values and principles and deal with them in all our services and dealings with our customers as well as future, and we have dug these values in all members of our team to resolve all of them to fully adhere to, and our values at DRONE SOLUTIONS included the following:
● To work with complete professionalism of all our products available in the current market in the field of drones in order to provide several options suitable for all customers.
● Commitment in dealing with all customers and transparency is the key to success.
● We are always eager to hear all the suggestions that come to us, and our staff meets our customers very welcome, and work to resolve any problems encountered.
● Commitment to the agreed dates with customers at the costs we committed to support the success of DRONE SOLUTIONS current and future success.
● We seek to instill the principles of teamwork within the team, and that is because we are an integrated company systems, we succeed only in the spirit of the group.
● We seek to organize all our ideas, to implement services professionally.

  • Social Responsibility

    With great efforts and in the spirit of patriotism and patriotism embedded in the souls of all those who belong to the entity DRONE SOLUTIONS we support our beloved homeland Saudi Arabia, and strive to implement everything that makes it the first and always the best, so we follow the vision 2030 adopted by our dear Kingdom. We work to develop and improve the services we provide, and we also maintain that we provide distinctive services that raise the value of our beloved country, as it raises the value of DRONE SOLUTIONS company and a way to its actual success, we have the ability to implement those services with proficiency and high quality and unprecedented professionalism, Our provision of UAV services and solutions makes us responsible for reaching all sectors of society.

  • Security and Safety Policy

    The field of drones of all kinds is one of the areas in which the legislator has created special regulations and laws to regulate its operations. Therefore, we had to observe all the means and guidelines of safety and security in all our work and follow its laws, by providing all the equipment that facilitate the work and equipment. We also train them in the field of security and safety, and provide all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of everyone.

What sets us apart

At DRONE SOLUTIONS we have taken the lead in a lot of things, and this precedent has made us a privilege of luck and a lot of share, and this excellence has emerged in recent times in particular due to the movement of our developments, and the tests that we do for everyone who seeks to join Our team, we have distinguished a lot but on top of what we have distinguished the following:
✔ We have an integrated team working on providing all alternative plans, based on its long experience in the field of aviation without aircraft.
✔ We guarantee the highest level of exceptional services that we offer at DRONE SOLUTIONS as well as the highest standards of efficiency.
✔ Provide various types of technical solutions and the latest and best drones, in order to provide our services with high quality to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
✔ We are distinguished by providing several services at the same time, and deal with major government institutions and private institutions in the country.